Shipping eBay Items from UK

Those who use eBay to sell their products continue to earn more money all over the world. This buying and selling platform allows you to advertise what you have to offer to a much wider audience. It also allows customers to pick and choose the sellers that they want to work with. If you have ever used eBay to buy a product, then you probably discussed shipping procedures as well. Most sellers clearly state these procedures, but if you are ever unclear, then you must take steps to find out when you should expect your item. Here are some shipping tips to follow if you are interested in buying or selling items on eBay.

Shipping costs often dictate whether or not a buyer opts to buy the same item that you offer, from somebody else. Those who sell items on eBay have the option of calculating the exact shipping cost, or providing a flat rate fee for everyone. A flat free is often desirable because people who live further away from you feel as if they are getting a better shipping deal. However, the absolute best way to attract more bidders and buyers, is to provide free shipping. Some sellers cover the cost of shipping in an item’s price.

Tracking information is another key aspect of shipping items that you sell on eBay. When you sell an item and then ship it, you will be provided with the option of obtaining tracking information. Once you get this information, make sure that you add it to the eBay sales history as quickly as possible. Sometimes this is already done for you, but you might have to add the tracking numbers on your PayPal account. Adding tracking to the PayPal transaction means that you will have much quicker access to the money once you get paid.

Only ship an item once you have discussed all aspects of the transaction with the customer. Make sure that you confirm the shipping address with the customer before you send the package away. Additionally, it is smart to ask the customer if they have any special needs. These issues come into play if you ship items to regions in which weather take effect. Snow, rain or extreme heat might damage goods which are left in one spot for too long. The buyer might actually request that you ship the item at a later date so that they can retrieve it faster.

Use quality shipping methods in order to keep all of your customers happy. For larger bulky items use a reputable company for buying and shipping. It pays to ship items as quickly as possible, and to pick a service which protects those items. Royal Mail is a great option, as it provides protection and speed. Customers will provide excellent feedback if they get their items as fast as possible, and in good condition. Your feedback score also comes with a comments section, and this is one of the primary sources of information for customers to use. Make your shipping experience a positive one whenever you use eBay to do business.