Prohibited Mailing Items in the UK

Residents of the UK have a great postal service to use. However, it is important to understand that certain items are prohibited. This remains true for people who show good intentions when they attempt to mail some prohibited items. You must know the rules so that you do not open yourself up to scrutiny or severe legal issues. Some items, such as batteries and personal grooming and mechanical devices, are products that we use everyday. This is why it is so important to know which items are acceptable to mail to your friends and family.

Drugs and alcohol are two of the most commonly intercepted items at UK post offices. Any drug, such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin or LSD, is strictly prohibited from the mail system. Anyone who is caught attempting to ship such items will receive a hefty fine and possible prison time. Alcohol is another item which cannot be mailed. It might seem innocent enough to mail a new type of alcohol to a person who is of legal age to drink, but doing so is prohibited. Glass bottles can break, and the alcohol might fall into the wrong hands. There are specific, strict guidelines for alcohol distributors to use when they mail their products to customers and stores.

The next type of prohibited item is weapons, ammunitions, and explosives. These might seem a little more obvious in terms of prohibition, but some people still try to mail them illegally. Explosives are highly volatile, and they can end up hurting or killing the postal carriers. Weapons and ammunition are not allowed for many reasons. The ammunition might explode under intense heat. Some weapons are prohibited in certain countries as well. Allowing weapons to be freely shipped through the postal service is a recipe for disaster.

People who work within the pest control industry should be aware that poisons are prohibited. Some people might need to send a certain type of bug spray to others to hep them control pests in their gardens. This practice is prohibited, because the the poison might leak out and harm the mail carrier or others. Poisons designed to kill animal pests are even more dangerous. One common type of poison is rat poison. Mailing such an item brings legal issues, because it puts everyone at risk in the process.

Flammable liquids, gases and solids are prohibited from the mail as well. Items such as gasoline, alcohol, butane, and others, pose a severe risk to mail handlers. Consider the fact that these items will be jostled about and placed with other items which may be flammable, such as clothing. The housing for flammable gases, for example, is not adequate in preventing leakage or explosions. A simple plastic lighter might become combustible under very hot conditions. Make sure to use common sense before you mail any item. If you have doubt regarding whether or not to send something, then check the prohibited items list before you send it away.