Packaging Techniques

The best ways to package parcels is to think in terms of safety. If the parcel is fragile or frail, then care must be taken to ensure that it arrives at its destination in one piece. Packaging techniques vary between people, but they are important if you want to make your package look nice as well. This is more important if you are sending goods that you sell online. There are many stores located throughout the UK which provide great packing materials, tape, and boxes. However, if you are short on time, then you might have to come up with other package options. Here are some keys to effective packaging.

Fragile items require much more attention. Plates and fragile electronics must be packed with plenty of padding. Some packing boxes come with built-in rubber or foam padding to protect these types of items. Although these boxes provide more support than standard boxes, you must still use padding or foam between the individual items in the box. This prevents the items from breaking one another. Notify the post office that you are mailing a fragile item as well. They can mark the box so that mail carriers understand that the package must be handled a certain way to prevent damage.

Packing material such as foam peanuts and certain papers are sold at many post office locations in the UK. Recycled materials, however, allow you to save much more money. If your items do not need special packing procedures, then consider using things from within your home to use as packing material. Newspaper is one of the most common substitutes. Simple ball it up into fist-sizes, and then pack it underneath, between, and on top of all of the items within the box. The more paper you use, the better the result.

A strong adhesive packing tape is another requirement. Tape must be used to close the packing box completely. It will allow the lids to come together so that the items inside do not escape when they are being moved through processing. Stronger adhesives are highly important. They can withstand more abuse during the shipping process as well. Older tapes which have been left in the sun, tend to crack and come apart much more easily.

Perhaps the most important aspect of packing, is to match box size with the item. Purchase or locate a box that is not too big for the item you are shipping. This helps to cut down on the free movement of the item within the box. The right size box also allows you to save more money in shipping costs, as a bigger box will naturally cost more to ship. If you are mailing a smaller item, try finding items of similar size and their associated boxes in stores. This can give you a better idea of the size requirements for your shipment. If you use the proper packaging techniques, then the process of shipping important goods is much more enjoyable.